Calming Nourishment Baby Care Set

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Kokum Butter, Almond Oil & Sesame Oil together provide your baby with all the nourishment they deserve.




How to Use

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Introducing Tots & Bubbles Calming Nourishment Combo of our Baby Massage Oil (300ml) & Baby Lotion (300ml), a gentle, soothing skincare solution designed specifically for babies aged 0-5 years. These dermatologically tested products are formulated to provide deep hydration and nourishment while ensuring the utmost care for your little one’s delicate skin.

Our baby massage oil is a unique blend of 5 essential oils, designed to support a calming, bonding experience between you and your child & lead your baby to a more restful sleep. Infused with the goodness of Kokum Butter and a blend of five nourishing oils, our baby lotion provides gentle hydration and helps maintain your baby’s skin’s natural moisture balance.

At TOTS & BUBBLES, we believe in the power of natural ingredients. Our Bath Care Range is carefully crafted using only the finest natural ingredients, free from harsh chemicals, parabens, and SLS. We prioritize your baby’s well-being and strive to provide a safe and gentle product that you can confidently use every day.


Baby Oil improves blood circulation, acts as a natural moisturiser and promotes growth.

Baby Lotion provides deep nourishment and moisturisation to baby’s skin, and strengthens the skin barrier.


Dermatologically Tested Products

Free from parabens, sulphates & petroleum products.

Free from artificial, synthetic fragrances.

Crafted from vegan natural ingredients.

Sustainably formulated in an FDA approved facility

Not tested on animals.

Sweet Almond Oil

Packed with vitamin E & minerals, it's a superhero moisturizer that keeps your baby's skin soft and happy.

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Lavender Oil

Considered the best essential oil for babies, it helps relax a fussy baby, encourages sleep, promotes hair growth & makes baby hair stronger.

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Cardamom Oil

Cardamom Oil has natural calming properties that soothe a child's nervous system & help babies sleep peacefully. A good source of Vit C, it also helps increase blood circulation within the body.

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Sesame Oil

Considered one of the best oils for baby massage, it is antioxidant, anti-inflammatory & anti-microbial in nature and known to boost bone growth.

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Coconut Oil

A lightweight moisturizer, it is naturally antioxidant, anti-inflammatory & anti-microbial in nature and well known for its anti-fungal, anti-viral properties.

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Olive Oil

It treats dry & flaky skin effectively, and has excellent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory & anti-microbial properties. Olive oil is also known to ease symptoms of eczema, cradle cap, & diaper rash.

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Mustard Oil

It helps improve blood circulation with regular massages, is a natural decongestant, and has natural anti-fungal & anti-bacterial properties to fight skin infections. Also known to improve hair growth and act as a natural mosquito & insect repellant.

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Baby Oil

A little goes a long way. Apply to use as a massage oil or on your baby’s damp skin after the shower to moisturize. For best results, use in combination with our Gentle Baby Wash. Shake well before use.
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Baby Shampoo

Dispense a coin-sized amount onto your palm, lather between your palms, and massage onto your baby’s wet scalp, working to the ends. Rinse with lukewarm water for happy, tear-free bath time fun!
Baby Wash Icon

Baby Wash

Dispense a coin-sized amount onto your palm, lather between your palms, and apply to your tot’s wet skin. Rinse with lukewarm water and have a happy, clean, tear-free bath time fun! For best results, use in combination with our Calming Baby Lotion.
Baby Lotion Icon

Baby Lotion

Apply as needed to nourish and moisturize your baby’s skin. Leaves even the most sensitive skin feeling soft & supple. For best results, use in combination with our Gentle Baby Wash. Shake well before use.